Why We Won't Photoshop Our Skin

This is something that I am incredibly passionate about. Photoshop is something that is associated with almost every image you look at these days. While deciding I would be the one modeling for our photo-shoot, I made a very conscious decision to make sure my skin was not retouched. Why? Because it would be a lie. I make these products, I wear these products and this is what my skin actually looks like. 


In the beauty world, everything is about improving yourself, but it should be about treating ourselves well and feeling good.  Photoshop is a wonderful thing, and we will lighten backgrounds and make those types of touch ups but absolutely no retouching was done to my skin. I actually made our lovely photographer watch me as I washed my face and applied Glow. This was really important to me. Having a background in marketing, truth in advertising is something that I don't come across that often, I wanted to make sure that Lou La Belle had that. 

No one's skin has zero pores and no imperfections, and that is beautiful. We don't all look the same, we are all different, and that is a wonderful thing. While it can take a long time to realize this and believe it, when you do, it's magic. Like a huge relief of your shoulders. Treating yourself the best you can with quality skin care products is extremely important, but so is loving the way you really look. You don't need to change everything about yourself  you are already beautiful. Claim it.