Hi love,

I’m Alyssa Johnston and I am the founder and owner of Lou La Belle Skin Care!

I get asked a lot about how Lou La Belle started so here is the quick and dirty version. I couldn’t find anything that was natural and effective, but still beautiful and luxurious, so I started to make my own. The long version of how Lou La Belle came to be would have to go back to my upbringing in a country home with very cool hippie parents, but that’s a story for another day.


In the last couple of years, the mission of Lou La Belle has changed. It’s not just that I wanted beautiful products that worked, but now it’s also about making people see the beauty in themselves. Stop and reread the next sentence a couple of times. You are beautiful. I’ll wait a second before I continue, because I really want you to go back and read the last sentence. The moments that have felt the absolute best running this business is when people tell me that my products helped them feel more confident. Honestly, those comments take my breath away.


A few things about me:

I'm very sensitive. I would much rather stay in on a Saturday night than go out. I believe naps can fix most problems and having a bath is how I love to practice self-care.

My favourite things in life are:

my husband, my pets, a good long walk, dipping my toes in the ocean, burritos, bulletproof coffee, and my hippie little mama who instilled in my passion for good food and natural beauty!